Frank Edwards/Fotos International/Getty ImagesMusic biopics are all the rage these days, and if you're going to make a movie about a star who had a particularly dramatic life, they don't get bigger than Michael Jackson.

Deadline reports that Graham King, producer of Bohemian Rhapsody, has gotten the rights to make a movie about the late King of Pop from Jackson's estate, including -- most importantly -- the rights to all of his music. 

Oscar-nominated Gladiator writer John Logan will pen the script for the film, which Deadline says will not be sanitized, and will cover the "complexity" of Michael's life.

As Deadline notes, despite the controversy surrounding the allegations made against the superstar in the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland, the public still wants to see MJ's story and hear his music: a Broadway musical is also in the works, as previously reported.

King, whose Bohemian Rhapsody earned six Oscar nominations, is also planning a biopic on yet another musical act: The Bee Gees.

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Say Cheese!/GC ImagesFriday marks the 23rd birthday of Justin Bieber's wife, model Hailey Baldwin, and so far, there's no trouble in paradise between the young couple.  He posted a sweet tribute to her on Instagram that also dropped a hint about his desire to expand their family.

"Happy birthday babes! You make me want to be better everyday! The way you live your life is so attractive.. PS: you turn me on in every way," Justin captioned a photo of Hailey in her wedding dress, and another one of the two kissing on the day of their wedding celebration.  

He then added, "next season BABIES."

If you're wondering what he gave Hailey, wonder no more: He posted a video of it on Instagram.  It's a completely over-the-top diamond-encrusted Audemars Piguet watch.

"ONLY THE BEST FOR MY BOO," he captioned the video. 

Well, he can afford it.  As previously reported, in the past ten years, Justin grossed over $554 million dollars in touring alone.

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Apple MusicWe knew Harry Styles dabbled in mushrooms while making his upcoming album, Fine Line. But in a new interview with Apple Music's Zane Lowe, he reveals he only started experimenting with drugs after leaving One Direction.

“I think part of the thing with the mushrooms thing for me is that I never do anything when I'm working, and I don't even drink when I'm working, if I'm touring or anything. I don't drink really at all,” Harry explains. “When I was in the band…I was like, I'm not going to be the one who f**** it up.”

But working on Fine Line, Harry says he felt free to experiment.

“Making this record, I just felt more joyous and I was with my friends and we were in Malibu and…I felt so safe,” he says.

“I think my thing with drugs is, if you're taking anything to escape or try and hide from stuff then you shouldn't even drink,” he adds. “And if you're taking anything to have fun and be creative, then great.”

Harry previously told Rolling Stone that taking the psychedelics really played a part in his creative process of making the album. He also admitted he bit off the tip of his tongue while on the drug.

Fine Line is set to be released December 13.

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ABC/Randy HolmesBillie Eilish's debut album asks the question, "When we all fall asleep, where do we go?" While we may never know the real answer, we do know where Eilish didn't go while sleeping earlier this week: to watch the Grammy nominations.

As the "bad guy" singer told Jimmy Kimmel on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday, she was sleeping when the nominations were announced at 8 a.m. ET Wednesday morning, or 5 a.m. where she lives in California.

"That went up at, like, 5 a.m.!" Eilish exclaimed. "I'm not gonna wake up for that!"

"I was knocked out," she added. "My mom came and woke me up and I was, like, half asleep, like, 'cool.'"

Once she was fully awake, Eilish came to realize the significance of her six nominations, including for Best New Artist, Album of the Year, and Song and Record of the Year, for "bad guy."

"I mean, the Grammys is the Grammys," she said. "As cool as everything else is, it's the Grammys. I've watched that every single year of my entire life."

"Every year, my family and me, we would all sit in the living room and watch the Grammys," Eilish continued. "We never missed it. So the fact that I'm the same little girl watching that in my living room, and then I'm still in that same living room being nominated for six? Like, what is that?"

Eilish is the youngest artist to ever be nominated for Best New Artist, Album of the Year, Song of the Year and Record of the Year at the same time. We'll find out if she wins when the Grammys are handed out January 26.

In the meantime, you can catch Eilish make her debut awards show performance on this Sunday's American Music Awards, airing on ABC.

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ABC/Paula LoboSince the end of this year marks the end of a decade, every publication is creating a retrospective list.  The latest is the touring trade publication Pollstar, which has rounded up a list of the Top 20 Touring Artists of the past 10 years, based on box office gross.  Among the top earners: Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and Pink.

Number one on the list is U2, followed by The Rolling Stones. Ed comes in at number three on the list, having grossed just over 922 million bucks on the road -- not bad for a guy who, in 2010, was pretty much unknown outside of England. 

Pollstar notes that, even though he didn't make the most money on tour, Ed sold the most tickets of any act in the last ten years: about 11,330,00.  His ticket prices were also the lowest of any other act on the list.

At number four, Taylor Swift has grossed just under 900 million bucks on tour in the past 10 years, and Pollstar says when her Lover Fest shows launch in July, she'll probably have crossed the one-billion-dollar mark, career wise.

Beyoncé is number five on the list, with just under $860 million bucks grossed in the past 10 years, thanks to her solo tours and her On the Run joint treks with her husband, JAY-Z.

Pink is number 16 on the list with a decade-long haul of $626 million, including her recently concluded Beautiful Trauma Tour, which was the biggest female tour of the entire decade, grossing about $398 million.

Even though his last world tour was cut short, Justin Bieber still makes it to #19 on the list, having grossed just over $554 million in the past ten years.

And Bruno Mars rounds out the list at #20, with just under $546 million.

Here's the full list:

1. U2, $1,038,104,132
2. The Rolling Stones, $929,196,083
3. Ed Sheeran, $922,361,663
4. Taylor Swift, $899,627,048
5. Beyoncé,  $857,405,819     
6. Bon Jovi, $836,661,584     
7. Paul McCartney, $813,811,559     
8. Coldplay, $731,805,591     
9. Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, $729,789,815     
10. Roger Waters, $702,231,419     
11. Elton John, $675,886,369     
12. Metallica, $661,907,247     
13. Guns N' Roses, $648,112,698     
14. Eagles, $630,066,670     
15. One Direction, $628,242,521     
16. Pink, $626,026,122     
17. Jay-Z, $611,837,214     
18. Kenny Chesney, $608,693,967     
19. Justin Bieber, $554,229,462     
20. Bruno Mars, $545,585,346

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S-Curve Records/BMG. Back in 2013, Christina Aguilera teamed up with A Great Big World on the American Music Awards to perform a duet version of the duo's song "Say Something," which ended up winning them a Grammy.  Now, they're hoping lightning will strike twice at this year's American Music Awards.

The three artists have recorded a new duet, "Fall On Me," which is out now, and they'll sing it together live on this Sunday night's AMAs.

"This song came to me on a day that I was reflecting on my past... thinking about family, friends, loved ones -- and what the future will bring,” says Christina in a statement. “For me this song represents feeling a sense of connection and finding of peace with both past and current life experiences.” 

A Great Big World's Ian Axel and Chad King add, "It seems like just yesterday that we took the stage at the AMAs with Christina. We were so nervous, excited, and hopeful. It felt like walking through a door and into a whole new chapter -- and a whole new world, really."

"This is like that, but it’s also just like coming home and playing with one of our favorite collaborators and friends again!" they add. "We can’t wait for this moment and are thankful to be back.”

A Great Big World's new album will be out in 2020.  Christina, meanwhile, will return to Las Vegas next month for more dates of her Las Vegas residency The Experience.  She'll perform December 27, 28, 30 and 31, and also has 2020 dates scheduled for February 26, 28, 29 and March 4, 6, 7.

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Craig Barritt/Getty ImagesIn September, Normani appeared at Rihanna's massive Brooklyn, NY fashion show where she launched the latest collection of her Savage X Fenty lingerie line.  Now she's joined the band in a more permanent capacity.

Normani posted a sexy video on Instagram showing her modeling a red lace bra, panties and stockings by Savage X Fenty. She wrote, "I’m the first ever brand ambassador for @savagexfenty !!! I love you @badgalriri."

Normani added, "I want all individuals to feel empowered and to embrace who they truly are. I don’t always wake up feeling the most confident and powerful, but trust and believe having my Savage X on always helps!!"

Rihanna tweeted the same video and wrote, "Welcome to the family sis! Honored to have you!! @Normani."

After touring with Ariana Grande earlier this year, Normani is spending the first part of December performing at holiday radio shows.  She's also featured on the Charlie's Angels soundtrack, on the song "Bad to You" with Ariana and Nicki Minaj.

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Walt Disney Television/Paula LoboLess than a day after he finally commented publicly about his ongoing feud with Taylor Swift, Scooter Braun has posted a online message to Taylor herself, all but begging her to sit down with him and work out their differences -- for the sake of his family's safety.

"Since your public statement last week there have been numerous death threats directed at my family," Braun's lengthy Instagram message begins.  "I came home tonight to find my wife had received a phone call threatening the safety of our children as well as other threats."

Braun goes on to tell Taylor, "I assume this was not your intention but it is important that you understand that your words carry a tremendous amount of weight and that your message can be interpreted by some in different ways." 

After declaring, "[A]ll I have wanted to do is rectify the situation," and that he's "open to ALL possibilities," Braun writes that he's attempted to have an "open discussion" with Taylor "over the last six months" but that she's "rejected" his overtures, despite efforts by "some on your team and many of our mutual friends...to get you to the table."

"It almost feels as if you have no interest in ever resolving the conflict," writes Braun.  "At this point with safety becoming a concern I have no choice other than to publicly ask for us to come together and try to find a resolution."

Taylor's very public feud with Braun began this summer after he purchased her original record company, Big Machine, and became the owner of her master recordings.  Taylor posted online that this was against her expressed wishes, in part because she felt Braun had disrespected and bullied her in the past.

The feud heated up recently after Taylor claimed Big Machine wouldn't allow her to perform her old hits on Sunday's American Music Awards, and called upon her fan base and fellow artists to tell Braun and Big Machine how they felt about that. 

Big Machine later issued a statement denying Taylor's assertion, and Braun further says as much in his Instagram post, writing, "As the world now knows you can and should perform any song you would like at the AMAs.  I have never and would never say otherwise."

There's much more to Braun's message, but it ends with, in part, an appeal to "find a resolution. I will make myself available whenever works for you.  ...But if you would prefer to make large public statements while refusing to work towards resolving things amicably then I just pray that nobody gets seriously hurt in the process.  I continue to wish you the best and hope we can resolve this."

Lastly, to emphasize his message's urgency, Braun posts a screenshot of what appears to be a text message or online comment, apparently directed to him or a member of his family, that reads, "Hi, why don't you just die withyour [sic] children???  I will buy a gun tmr and them [sic] shoot you allin [sic] the head."

As of Friday morning, there was no public response from Taylor to Braun's post.

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ABC/Paula LoboReceiving a surprise bouquet of gorgeous flowers in the mail would make any girl feel special.  Except Demi Lovato.  She felt downright old after receiving hers.

The "Confident" singer revealed on her Instagram Stories Wednesday that Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello surprised her a beautiful bouquet of colorful roses.  Unfortunately, once she took a peek at their card, her appreciation quickly turned into a reminder that she's in her late 20's.

"Hey Demi, we're thinking of you," The sweet card begins, "talking about how much you inspired us when we were kids.  Love, Shawn & Camila."

Demi quickly honed in on one particular phrase and hilariously reacted on her Stories, "This card is so f****** sweet and cute.. and I also feel old now."  She finishes, "but it's totally worth it because this is so thoughtful.  Thank you guys so much!"

Lovato was 16 when she made her Disney Channel debut in 2008 the movie musical Camp Rock.  After some mental math, that means that Camila, 22, and Shawn, 21, were only 11 and 10-years-old when it premiered.  That being said, Demi isn't that much older than the couple.

It's unknown why Lovato was the lucky recipient of that lovely bouquet, but it definitely gave her a big smile.

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ABC/Image Group LASunday night, the American Music Awards air on ABC at 8 p.m. ET, and all eyes are on Taylor Swift, who'll perform and receive the Artist of the Decade award.  Her performance has been mired in controversy since she accused her former record label of forbidding her from singing her old hits on the show. What'll happen on Sunday?  The show's producers will only say that you need to see it go down live.

"If we're going to honor the decade in any way, it's by awarding Taylor Swift as our Artist of the Decade," executive producer Mark Bracco tells ABC News. "She won more AMAs this decade than anyone else, which made it seem logical that we give her that award." 

"She's going to be here Sunday...and it's going to be a spectacular performance," he adds. "And I highly suggest everyone watch it live."

O.K....but why?

"You gotta watch," producer Larry Klein says. "I'm not trying to get away from [the question]...Just watch. And watch it live."

But even if you're not a Swiftie, Klein and Bracco say you shouldn't miss the show, which also features performances by Toni Braxton, Christina Aguilera with A Great Big World, Camila Cabello, Selena Gomez, The Jonas Brothers, Kesha, Shania Twain, Billie Eilish, Lizzo, Green Day and leading nominee Post Malone, who'll be performing with Ozzy Osbourne and rapper Travis Scott.

"It's the biggest music party of the year," Klein tells ABC News. "The best performances you could possibly see, with productions you will never see on...tour, in a video...everything here is absolutely done for the AMAs and nothing else. It's a one-off."

Bracco adds, "We have got more moments this year on the show that -- if you don't watch them live -- you're going to regret it."

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Getty Images For dcp via ABC/Emma McIntyre/AMA2018Music manager Scooter Braun has finally broken his silence about Taylor Swift's very public feud with him, which began this summer after he purchased her original record company, Big Machine, and became the owner of her master recordings.

The feud heated up recently after Taylor claimed Big Machine would not allow her to perform her old hits on Sunday's American Music Awards, and called upon her fan base and fellow artists to tell Braun and Big Machine how they felt about that. 

Variety reports that during a Q&A at Thursday's 2019 Entertainment Industry Conference, Braun finally commented publicly on the situation.

"The principals haven’t had a chance to speak to each other...there’s a lot of confusion," he said, adding, "I just think we live in a time of toxic division and...people thinking that social media is the appropriate place to air out on each other and not have conversations."

"I don’t like anybody doing it, and if that means that I’ve got to be the bad guy longer, I’ll be the bad guy longer, but I’m not going to participate.”

"When people are able to communicate, I think they work things out....I think that these problems...can be discussed behind closed doors and figured out pretty easily, and it’s something I’ve wanted to do for six months," he continued.

"[But] when it gets to a place where there’s death threats and there’s offices being called and people being threatened…it’s gotten out of hand."

Braun declared he has "no ill will for anybody," adding, "The moment people want to have a conversation with me, I’m ready to have that conversation, and I’m not going to add to the narrative...I just want to fix things and set a better example for people."

“Right now we’re in a scary time where people say things and then people might not be in the right mindset and do really horrible things. And we’re inciting all of this by continuing these arguments in public," Braun claimed.

"We just need to go behind closed doors and see if we can have a conversation. And if we’re not having conversations, then I don’t think we’re going to find resolution.”

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Peggy SirotaJust like his wife Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas is adding "TV star" to his resume.

E! Online reports that, following the news that Sophie would be starring in a series for Quibi, a new mobile-streaming platform, Joe will also be getting his own show on the platform.  It's called Cup of Joe, and it's an eight-part travel series inspired by his Instagram account.

As E! reports, the series will combine Joe's love for travel, photography and adventure, as he has local guides show him around various cities while on tour with the Jonas Brothers for their Happiness Begins tour.

E! quotes Joe in a statement, "You often think you know about a certain place or a person until you take some time to dig deeper."

"I'm fortunate to get to travel around the world through my profession and you often see me on the other side of the lens, but Cup of Joe is giving me the opportunity to dig a little deeper and point the lens at some of the world's most interesting people… and some more of the weird, fun things I'm into," he adds.

Sophie's series is called Survive.  She'll play a woman who has to fight for her life after surviving a plane crash on a snow-covered mountain. 

Quibi launches April 6, 2020.  Among the other stars who've signed up for short-form projects on the platform: Anna Kendrick, Zac Efron and Darren Criss.

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Epic RecordsMeghan Trainor, Lauren Daigle and MAX are performing in New Orleans early next year ahead of the College Football Playoff National Championship.

MAX will take the stage Saturday, January 11 as part of the AT&T Playoff Playlist Live! festival, while Meghan will perform on Sunday, January 12. Lauren will sing the national anthem prior to kickoff of the national championship game on Monday, January 13.

Other performers include Grammy-nominated R&B singer H.E.R., rapper Nas, Bastille, and country singer Tim McGraw.

The three days of music concerts leading up to the big game will all take place at the Big Easy's Woldenberg Park and are free and open to the public. Visit CollegeFootballPlayoff.com for more info.

The National Championship game will be played at New Orleans' Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

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ABC/Craig SjodinAmerican Idol’s returning a little early this year. While the hit ABC singing competition typically premieres in March, season three’s set to begin on Sunday, February 16 at 8 p.m. ET.

The stars of the show announced the start of the 2020 season by posting a shared FaceTime call on their socials.

Host Ryan Seacrest kicks things off by dialing Luke Bryan, before conferencing in Lionel Richie, who answers with his trademark “Hello!”

“That never gets old,” Ryan replies.

Then Katy Perry joins, with her just-washed hair up in an Idol blue towel, though her eye makeup is fully done, complete with glittering rhinestones. Ryan then reveals the date, after his co-stars implore him to “Hurry up and tell us already!”

Tune in for the two-hour Idol premiere Sunday, February 16 at 8 p.m. ET.  

This Sunday, three fan favorites from past seasons of the show will have the chance to be voted back on Idol during the American Music Awards, which start at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. The winner will be revealed during the Monday finale of Dancing with the Stars.

Calling all @americanidol fans! We’re back for a brand new season - February 16th, 2020... only on @ABCNetwork! @RyanSeacrest, @mrBobbyBones, @LukeBryanOnline, @katyperry #AmericanIdol pic.twitter.com/hi1nsP4vB1

— Lionel Richie (@LionelRichie) November 21, 2019

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Interscope RecordsSelena Gomez has revealed her new album’s release date.

Her latest collection of songs, featuring “Lose You to Love Me” and “Look at Her Now,” will be out January 10 and is available for pre-order now.

“This album is my diary from the past few years and I can’t wait for you to hear it,” Selena wrote on Instagram. “Title, art and track list coming soon.”

The album, which she’s for now dubbed SG2, follows 2015’s Revival.

Selena is set to perform her new music this Sunday at the American Music Awards.

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Dana TrippeKesha wants the world to know she’s not just the “party girl” or the “tragedy.” In her new song “My Own Dance,” she proclaims, “I’m f****** everything.”

The irreverent pop track has Kesha singing about her many facets and the public's expectations. At one point, she sings, “The Internet called and it wants you back, but could you kinda rap and not be so sad?”

The video for the song is a wild journey through an eccentric apartment complex in search of “magic cereal.” The clip ends with Kesha in a tub filled with milk and Lucky Charms.

“My Own Dance” follows Kesha's  previous release “Raising Hell,” featuring Big Freedia. She’ll perform the latter song at the American Music Awards on Sunday.

Kesha’s new album, High Road, comes out January 10.

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ABC/Paula LoboDemi Lovato isn’t expecting a child, but she is expecting you to watch her upcoming guest arc on the new season of NBC's Will & Grace.

The singer posted a photo from set Wednesday night, showing off the baby bump she’s sporting as her pregnant character, Jenny.

“Real or fake? #WillandGrace #MeetJenny,” she captioned the photo of her cradling the fake belly while wearing a cute polka dot dress.

When one fan tweeted, “Demi is pregnant with D7,” in reference to her seventh album, Demi responded, “This is true."

Demi also shared a sweet surprise she received from Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello. The couple sent her a bouquet of flowers and a note that reads, “Hey Demi, We’re thinking of you. Talking about how much you inspired us when we were kids. Love, Shawn & Camila.

“This is so f****** sweet and cute… and I also feel old now but it’s totally worth it because this is so thoughtful,” Demi wrote on her Instagram Story. “Thank you guys so much…I love you both.”

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NBCOn her talk show, Kelly Clarkson usually opens with "Kellyoke," the segment where she puts her spin on popular hits. She usually performs solo, but on today's installment of the show, she invited a whole crowd to join her for a country classic.

Kelly was joined by fellow The Voice coaches Blake Shelton, John Legend and Gwen Stefani for a version of "Neon Moon," a 1992 #1 hit for Brooks & Dunn. This year, the Country Music Hall of Famers teamed up with Grammy-winner Kacey Musgraves for an updated take on the track, and that's the arrangement Kelly and her pals used.

The Voice host Carson Daly even joined the quartet on guitar for the performance, which proved that if Gwen Stefani ever wanted a country career, she could definitely do it.

The season finale of The Voice takes place December 17 on NBC. Check your local listings to see where the syndicated The Kelly Clarkson Show airs in your area.

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Valheria RochaThis Sunday at the American Music Awards, Taylor Swift will receive her Artist of the Decade Award from a true music legend: Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Carole King.

The hitmaking singer/songwriter, who wrote such classics as Aretha Franklin's "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman" and James Taylor's "You've Got a Friend," and wrote and recorded hits like "It's Too Late," "So Far Away" and "I Feel the Earth Move," will give Taylor her trophy.

In a statement, Carole said she was "thrilled" to have the opportunity to honor Taylor, adding, "She is an extraordinary songwriter who has cultivated a unique and personal relationship with her audience. As a woman songwriter who also got into the music world at a young age, I know the kind of determination, struggle and single-minded perseverance it has taken for her to reach such heights.” 

Other newly announced presenters include Dan Shay, Chadwick Boseman, Regina King, Billy Porter, Tyra Banks, Paula Abdul, Cobie Smulders and Constance Wu.

As previously reported, performers on the AMAs include Taylor, Christina Aguilera with A Great Big World, Toni Braxton, Camila Cabello, Billie Eilish, Green Day, Selena Gomez, Jonas Brothers, Kesha, Dua Lipa, Lizzo, Post Malone with rapper Travis Scott and Ozzy Osbourne, Thomas Rhett, and Shania Twain.

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Travis SchneiderMaroon 5's latest hit "Memories" has just become the 15th top 10 hit of their career, but as Billboard notes, it also gives them a streak that has only been exceeded by some true legends, including Mariah Carey and Prince.

Thanks to "Memories," Maroon 5 has now managed to score at least one top 10 hit per year for the past nine years.  It started in 2011 with "Moves Like Jagger," and then continued from there, with smashes like 2012's "One More Night," 2014's "Maps," 2015's "Sugar," 2017's "What Lovers Do" and last year's "Girls Like You."

In the history of the Billboard Hot 100, only four other acts have managed a streak of nine years or more: Rihanna, The Temptations, Mariah Carey and Prince. 

Rihanna had a nine-year streak which started with 2005's "Pon de Replay" and ended in 2013 with "Monster."  Iconic Motown group The Temptations also pulled off a nine-year streak, starting in 1965 with "My Girl" and ending in 1973 with "Masterpiece."

But Mariah and Prince are the record holders, having each managed a streak of one top 10 hit each year for 12 years straight.  For Prince, his streak ran from 1983's "Little Red Corvette" to 1994's "The Most Beautiful Girl."

Mariah's 12-year streak, meanwhile, ended the most recently. It lasted from 1990's "Vision of Love" -- her debut hit -- all the way through 2001's "Loverboy."

Artists whose streaks could have been similar, had they not been interrupted by one single top 10-free year, include Madonna, Stevie Wonder and Taylor Swift.

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