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Brook & Jeffrey - Featured News

Second Date: Alaina and Trey (20 Treadmills of Love)

Photo: Getty ImagesAlaina was SHOCKED when she got a look inside Trey’s home but he swears his collection isn’t weird. Find out what it is in the podcast! Make sure to subsc...

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Phone Tap: Voicemail Blackmail

Photo: Getty ImagesIn your Phone Tap we’re calling a guy and convincing him that HE has been the one prank calling us, and we’re not gonna stand for it any longer! Make sure...

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Loser Line - June 5

Photo: Getty ImagesDon't give that creep on that app your number! Slip him the Loser Line number instead and we'll play his awful voicemail on the air! To get the LOSER LINE phone numbe...

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Laser Stories - June 5

Photo: Getty ImagesWeird news stories from around the world… with a healthy dose of LASERS added in. Does it make sense? No not really, but it doesn’t HAVE TO… it’s “La...

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Shock Collar Question - June 5

Photo: FilmMagicAs a child of divorce, I owe a lot of my upbringing to the world’s greatest babysitter… My Living Room TV. It’s where I learned countless life lessons .... Like on ...

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Missed Connections - June 5

Photo: Getty ImagesWe scoured the back pages of Craigslist to find the best (or is it Worst?) entries from their Missed Connections section! Whether you're a hopeless romantic or just plain hopel...

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