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Jackson Blue
Jackson Blue
2:00pm - 7:00pm

Brook & Jeffrey - Featured News

Brooke and Jeffrey's MERCH FOR A CAUSE!

BUY MERCH FOR A CAUSE HERE Merch for a Cause is BACK! And better than ever! With new colors, news styles, new kid shirts & even hats!!!! And the best part???? (No, it’s not how great you ar...

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Top 10 Loser Lines of 2023

Photo: iStockphotoIt's time we recap the TOP 10 LOSER LINE VOICEMAILS of the entire year! Which one is your favorite? Make sure to subscribe to us on iHeartRadio, or anywhere you g...

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Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - November 30

Photo: Getty Images North AmericaLil Nas X says he’s in his “Christian era” with new, unreleased Christian song…but he did CLARIFY, “I am allowed to get on my knees...

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Tik Tok Click Shock - November 30

Photo: Lifestyle / iStock / Getty ImagesOne woman's PHONE is going viral because of a strange mystery on it that nobody can explain....Plus, there's a new life hack blowing everyone’s ...

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Masked Speaker - Fake Estate Agent

Photo: milindri / iStock / Getty ImagesToday's Masked Speaker says a DEAD cell phone is the thing that launched her successful new career and lead to making millions of dollars a year... You may ...

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Shock Collar Question - November 30

Photo: Pascal Deloche / The Image Bank Unreleased / Getty ImagesThe secret to being a wildly successful company… isn’t about making high quality products… or having spectacular cus...

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