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Don't Film This | Young Jeffrey's Song of the Week

Don't judge a Karen until you've driven a mile in their Dodge Caravan. Instead of MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This" it's Young Jeffrey's "Don't Film This!" Don't ...

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Phone Tap: Playdate with Brooke

In today’s Phone Tap, Brooke calls the mother of an elementary school student to set up a playdate for their kids. The operative word today? “Date”

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Shock Collar Question - April 16

Jeffrey is wearing the Shock Collar this morning! Today's question: You have four historical events on a list in front of you and I need you to put them into chronological order – the fo...

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Phone Tap: Maxi Swag Girl

In today’s Phone Tap, Jeff calls a woman whose biggest dream is to be a popular influencer on Instagram. He set up a fake branding company to dupe her and she’s SOO ready to become famous!...

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Second Date: Nick and Whitney (Internet Date)

In today’s Second Date, we’re trying to help convince one woman that her BFF isn’t just down to fool around, but he might actually be full on boyfriend material. It might be our toug...

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