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Madonna joins Jimmy Fallon and The Roots for a performance of "Music" using classroom instruments

Todd Owyoung/NBC

On Wednesday's The Tonight Show, Madonna joined host Jimmy Fallon and his house band The Roots in the Tonight Show Music Room for a version of "Music," from her new compilation album, Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones -- performed with classroom instruments.

In the recurring segment, Fallon and The Roots back music artists for a version of one of their popular songs, using instruments you would find in a classroom.

In this case, it was Madonna rocking the triangle, with Fallon pounding a wood block while Roots members played a toy xylophone, a melodica, a toy guitar, tambourines and shakers.

Past music room guests have included Justin Bieber, Jonas Brothers, Camila Cabello, Ed Sheeran and Adele.

Madonna also shared the stories behind a couple of her number-one hits, including "Everybody," which she said she convinced the DJ at a New York City club called Danceteria to play, marking the first time she saw people dancing to one of her songs.

She also shared a story about her notorious 1984 MTV Video Music Awards performance of "Like a Virgin."

"I walked down these very steep stairs of a wedding cake and I got to the bottom and I started dancing and my white stiletto pump fell off," she recalled. "I was trying to do this like smooth move, like dive for the show and make it look like it was choreography, and my dress flipped up and my butt was showing!" 

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As tour launches, Lauv plans to show fans the new him: "I feel like such a totally different person"

Kayla DeLaura/FilmMagic

After releasing his new album All 4 Nothing last week, Lauv is ready to hit the road to support it. His tour kicks off Thursday night in Minneapolis, MN and he says fans should be prepared to see a whole new Lauv onstage.

Outside of a few festival appearances, this will be Lauv's first major tour since the pandemic, and he tells ABC Audio, "I'm excited, because I didn't get a chance to tour the last album, so I feel like there's so much music to be explored live. And I also just feel like such a totally different person."

"Like, even from the few festivals that I did -- y'know, I think I did probably three or four festivals -- I could just feel like my evolution just as, like, a performer, in person, on stage," he adds. "And I'm just excited to meet everybody -- you know, familiar faces, new faces -- in this new place."

Lauv has spoken about how his new album documents a journey of self-discovery he went on, after having an existential crisis over his career and his identity.  As he told Bustle, "I think I learned that all of these things that I’m seeking are somewhere inside of me already and I just have to accept myself and love myself with open arms."

Lauv's tour, with Hayley Kiyoko opening all dates, is set to run through September 20, wrapping up in Seattle, WA.

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Music notes: Adele, Joe Jonas, Jamie Lynn Spears, Justin Timberlake, Pink and more

The presale for Adele's rescheduled Vegas residency is now live -- so if you want to be a part of Weekends With Adele, better get your tickets on Ticketmaster now before they sell out!

Joe Jonas jumped on the "Teenage Dirtbag" trend that's all over TikTok, but used it to take a swipe at his older brother, Kevin Jonas. After sharing awkward throwback photos of himself, the final photo is a shot of Kevin.

Want to feel old?  Jamie Lynn Spears' 14-year-old daughter, Maddie, has officially entered high school.  "Swipe to see how time literally flies by.....don’t take a second of it for granted," the Zoey 101 star wrote on Instagram.

Justin Timberlake is amazed by The Players Choir, which performed "Can't Stop the Feeling!" on America’s Got Talent. The singer reposted the clip to his Instagram Story and captioned it with a hands up emojis.

Pink knows how to keep her two kids, Willow and Jameson, busy -- with "simultaneous thumb wars." She said on Instagram that she doesn't "suggest" other parents do it, adding, "It shouldn’t be a thing." 

John Mayer has been tapped to play an acoustic set at Seth Rogen's Hilarity for Charity 10th anniversary.  The extravaganza pops off October 1. You can get tickets now on the event's official website.

Ellie Goulding got in on the TikTok phone flip craze and revealed "Sixteen" is the "worst song I've released."  She also revealed her celebrity crush, but she moved the phone so fast, no one got a clear look at the image -- guesses range from Patrick Dempsey to Jake Gyllenhaal.

Speaking of TikTok, Jason Derulo released the official music video for his "Jiggle Jiggle" remix, which stars Louis Theroux and Amelia Dimz -- the comedians who started the craze.

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Britney Spears says it "breaks my heart" her kids don't want to see her

Image Group LA/Disney Channel via Getty Images Image Group LA/Disney Channel via Getty Images

Britney Spears is exhausted by the "cruelty" of her own family -- and that includes her kids.

The "Toxic" hitmaker took to Instagram to shed more light on what's happening between her, her ex-husband Kevin Federline and their two sons, 16-year-old Sean Preston and 15-year-old Jayden. This comes a few days after Federline told Daily Mail her kids "have decided they are not seeing her right now." 

"This situation should have 100 percent been dealt with privately and definitely not online," Britney wrote.

The Grammy winner admitted her kids have been seeing her less frequently and, when they would visit, they would "walk in the door, go straight to their room and lock the door."

Noting that her sons are teenagers, Britney said, "I always TRIED and TRIED and maybe that's why they stopped coming here !!! I wanted them to love me so much that I might have overdone it !!!"

Britney also hit back at the report's claims that her household is filled with too much drama, adding Federline "wants to bring up my past" to use against her. "That was almost 20 years ago ... Their game doesn't work anymore," she noted.

The pop star also argued Federline isn't a saint and wrote, "I can guarantee you, that house has more weed than Ludacris50 CentJay Z and Puff Daddy combined."

"My heart doesn't understand cruelty. It breaks my heart because it seems to me that these days, cruelty does in fact win," she lamented. "I can't process how I dedicated 20 years of my life to those kids ... everything was about them."  She said their actions have "knock[ed] the breath out of me."

"It would take a miracle to fix my heart," she closed, and praised her "supportive husband," Sam Asghari, for being there for her.

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'The X Factor' releases never-before-seen footage of Liam Payne's full audition

Neil Mockford/FilmMagic

Looks like The X Factor isn't done celebrating the boys of One Direction. After releasing the extended cuts of Harry Styles and Zayn Malik's auditions, Liam Payne was next on the list.

The 6-minute video includes unseen footage of Liam's fateful first audition, which begins with judge Cheryl Cole commenting on the singer's trendy hair style. "You look a little bit like Justin Bieber," she notes.

Other unaired footage sees judge Louis Walsh asking Liam about his time on the show two years prior. Simon Cowell had sent a then-14-year-old Liam home because he wasn't ready. The "Strip That Down" singer admits Cowell made the right call.  

"I was really young," Liam agreed. "Now I'm 16 and I'm back and I'm ready to give it another shot."

Cowell announces he's happy to see the young singer again and encourages him to begin singing. Liam's song of choice is Michael Bublé's "Cry Me a River," in which he mimics the Canadian crooner so well the audience jumps to its feet.

After Liam smashes his audition out of the park, Simon calls the moment "extraordinary." The video flips back to unaired footage, which shows the mega producer declaring, "Right now I would not want to be sitting in Michael Bublé's shoes watching this back. I'm being serious."

Cowell praises Liam's confidence, voice, swagger and believability on the stage. "Absolutely on the money," he says and votes with the three other judges to send him through to the next round.

The X Factor has been celebrating 1D all summer long. In addition to sharing extended cuts of the boys' auditions, it most recently posted a YouTube video about how the band was formed.

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Post Malone cannot keep his cool meeting idol Ozzy Osbourne: "Meeting him is terrifying!"

Courtesy Amazon Studios

Even Post Malone gets starstruck -- and he admits his nerves nearly got the best of him when meeting his biggest idol, Ozzy Osbourne.

In a new clip promoting his upcoming concert documentary, Runaway, which premieres August 12 on Amazon-owned Freevee, the singer geeks out when meeting the Prince of Darkness for the first time.

The video was taken at Post's 2019 show at The Forum, where Ozzy made a surprise appearance to join him in a performance of "Take What You Want." 

The clip starts with Post approaching Ozzy -- who is sitting on a wooden throne -- to shake his hand. The singer exclaims, "You look great," while affectionately putting his hand on the rock legend's shoulder.  

"You excited?" Post asks. "You ready to party?" That earns a chuckle of approval from the rock star.

Post then has to get ready for his show, but he cannot stop looking back toward Ozzy, and gushes, "This is gonna be bada**, man!"

The documentary then flips to a one-on-one with the "Circles" singer, who recalls how he felt during that fateful moment.

"I was nervous meeting him. Not as much performing, but meeting him is terrifying because what the f*** do you say to Ozzy Osbourne? 'I like your pants?' I don't know," he admitted. You have no idea what the f*** to say to him."

Post then geeked out just thinking about their performance. "It's mind-blowing. It's absolutely fucking mind-blowing being able to work with one of the biggest dudes in fucking rock and roll history. It's pretty bada**," he raved.

The two also performed the song at the American Music Awards with Travis Scott.

Post Malone: Runaway -- which documents Post's 2019 Runaway Tour -- premieres August 12 on Freevee.  

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Ben Stiller proves he's a Taylor Swift superfan

Walt Disney Television/Paula Lobo

If Taylor Swift needs any help, she can count on actor Ben Stiller, who came out as a proud superfan -- or "Swiftie" for short.

Appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the Night at the Museum star described how driving lessons with his daughter made him a Taylor fan.

Stiller said 20-year-old Ella was learning to drive in New York City, which is not the best place for a novice driver to learn the ropes. The actor compared driving on the West Side Highway to Mad Max: Fury Road.

"What really helped is she played her favorite artist on the iPhone," Stiller revealed. "So we would just drive and play Taylor Swift. And I was a fan, but now I think I'm a total Swiftie."

As for the music the Zoolander star enjoyed, he explained, "We got into the later stuff: [the albums] evermore folklore -- about 'Cardigan,' 'Betty' and 'August.'"

Noting he'd "get deep into it," Stiller went into fan mode and educated Colbert about the albums, saying the songs are "all about being in the same love triangle, but from different points of view. And the characters are named after Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's kids."

Stiller also raved about the 10-minute version of Taylor's "All Too Well," knowing that it came "from the vault."

Colbert flexed his Swiftie muscles, as he also is a fan of the singer, and revealed he spent a 14-hour car ride from New York to South Carolina playing just evermore on repeat. "I'll just be muttering those lyrics on my deathbed," the comedian quipped.

So, what happened with Stiller's daughter? She thankfully passed her driving test, which he credited again to Taylor's calming music.

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Report: Taylor Swift is "wildly happy" with boyfriend Joe Alwyn

Jackson Lee/GC Images

Looks like Joe Alwyn is Taylor Swift's "End Game." 

US Weekly caught up with a source who is allegedly close with the couple, who dished on what's going on in their ultra-private relationship.

"They love dividing their time between England and Nashville," the source spilled. "That’s the way they both like it."

Taylor was romantically linked to the Conversations With Friends star back in 2016, but the two have rarely been spotted together in public, let alone spoken of one another in interviews.

"Once Taylor and Joe started dating it became apparent to both of them that they were happiest doing their own thing in a low-key way," the insider explained about why the two continue to keep things quiet. The source added that the couple has been able to do that because they keep their romantic lives and careers separate.

"That was a big reason why they bonded," the informant added, noting this practice has strengthened their relationship. Because of this arrangement, the source says the two are "wildly happy together and are excited about their future together."

But because the two are so secretive, their relationship status has been the subject of many rumors.

Last month, there was speculation the two were engaged -- but neither Joe nor Taylor have confirmed the reports. In addition, the Grammy winner has not been seen wearing an engagement ring on her left hand.

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Simon Cowell reveals Camila Cabello wasn't supposed to audition for 'X Factor'

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Image

Simon Cowell is dishing a few secrets about X Factor, a show that produced stars like Harry Styles and Camila Cabello.

Speaking with Extra, the mega producer explained that he is the reason Camila was able to audition. The "Havana" singer made a name for herself on the show's second season as a member of Fifth Harmony, but Cowell said his first meeting with her wasn't a happy one.

"I happened to go backstage and I saw her crying, asked her why she was crying and she said, you know, it was too late for her to audition because she was a reserve, whatever that meant," he recalled. "She wasn’t really supposed to audition."

Cowell must have seen something in Camila, because he personally intervened on her behalf. "I said to her, 'Well, I'm one of the producers, you just got an audition,'" he revealed.

He said that is a clear example of why he loves doing reality competition shows.

"Seeing Camilla today or Harry StylesLeona LewisCarrie UnderwoodKelly Clarkson, there’s been so many times luckily where I’ve been there at that moment where their career is going to go in a completely different direction," said Cowell. "If we didn’t have those things happen, then there’d be no point making the shows."

Speaking of Harry, the producer said he saw greatness in the "Adore You" singer during his first audition. "I remember his audition like it was yesterday. He was very charming, he was very confident, he was very funny, and I liked him," Cowell said. "I just thought there’s something … special about him … You never forget those moments."

He added discovering some of the world's biggest stars and helping them achieve success is what he's "most proud of," which he says adds more depth to his shows.

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Therapy, friends & family: How Shawn Mendes is spending his free time now

BG020/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Now that Shawn Mendes has canceled his entire tour, he suddenly has a whole lot more time on his hands.  And he tells TMZ that he's filling that time with things he simply hasn't had time for while he's been busy being a global superstar.

TMZ caught up with Shawn at an airport and asked him how he's been spending his days. "I'm taking a lot of time just, like, doing therapy ... just taking it easy, spending time with family that I haven't been able to," he replied.

When asked if he's been doing anything fun, Shawn said, "Yeah, I think for me it's just about spending time doing things that I haven't really done over the last few years ... having dinners with friends and stuff."

As for fans who want refunds on hotel and travel they booked to see his now-canceled tour, Shawn tells TMZ that he thinks "we'll figure it out," adding that "everything's kinda workable, y'know?"

Oh, and if you're wondering why Shawn actually spoke to TMZ instead of telling them to buzz off, well, he IS Canadian, after all.

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OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder says 'Top Gun: Maverick' is a "$200 million music video for our song"

ABC/Paula Lobo

OneRepublic's latest hit, "I Ain't Worried," is from the soundtrack of the record-breaking box office smash Top Gun: Maverick. Frontman Ryan Tedder jokes to ABC Audio that the movie is doing all the promotion for them.

"It was crazy watching [Maverick] for the first time, because, basically, it's a $200 million music video for our song," Ryan laughs. "So I couldn't ask for anything better." 

But things did get better, thanks to the movie's star, Tom Cruise.

"When we shot the video ... we handed it to him, and he's like, 'No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I'm going to re-edit your video,'" Ryan says of Cruise. "And he gives us, like, $70 million worth of [video] content [for the clip]."

Ryan laughs, "So it's the most expensive video in history, if you think about the actual production of what's in the video. Y'know, F-15s flying all over the place and Tom Cruise ... like, it's crazy!"

And while OneRepublic has had many hits, and Ryan's co-written a bunch more for other artists, he says he still can't get over how well "I Ain't Worried" is doing.

"I mean, the whole thing is still hilarious, in [the] best way. It's just hilarious to me," Ryan says. "It's like, you put out music, you never know what's really going to be a smash, especially in 2022. And I just kept telling myself, 'If we just keep putting out great songs, one of 'em's gonna go nuts.' And it did!"

OneRepublic is currently out on their Never Ending Summer tour, which hits Denver, Colorado, Friday night. 

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Katy Perry says she owes her creativity to food stamps

ABC/Eric McCandless

Katy Perry is attributing her success as an artist and footwear designer to the financial obstacles she faced growing up. 

The "Roar" hitmaker's shoe line, Katy Perry Collections, shared a video of the star  serving as keynote speaker of the PROJECT show in Las Vegas, where she opened up about her childhood. "When I was 13, I was growing up with limited resources," Katy began. "My family didn't have a whole hell of a lot. Sometimes, we had food stamps."

To help get by, Katy said her family depended on the offerings from her church. To further help her family, she would sing for donations. Katy also sang at the local farmers market to raise money, joking she'd earn "about $20 and two avocados."

The American Idol judge reflected on how that impacted her creativity and sense of style. Katy said she would shop for clothes at second-hand stores "on a shoestring budget."

"I would go thrifting all the time," she explained, adding she "trained" her eye to locate stylish items that would suit her. But, because she was rifling through clothes from the '40s to the '60s, Katy remarked, "I started dressing like a pinup girl when I was 13, which was interesting."

However, Katy said that's what allowed her to cultivate her own style and "stand out in a unique way," because she wasn't wearing the latest trends like other girls her age.

Katy also reflected fondly on a pair of dalmatian-shaped flats she bought in a thrift store, which earned her compliments from strangers.

"That was such a big deal," she said of the attention. "I would wear them everywhere!" Katy says those are the flats that "started my love for shoes"...and of course, the rest is history.

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Music notes: Charlie Puth, Britney Spears, Nick Jonas, Halsey, Camila Cabello, BTS and more

Charlie Puth confirmed he "just turned in the album," tagging his label, Atlantic, in a new Instagram Story.  His forthcoming album, Charlie, is due out October 7.

Britney Spears revealed on Instagram she wanted to get married in Italy -- more specifically St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. The singer made headlines after claiming she wasn't allowed to get married at a Catholic Church. Britney also revealed she hired the wedding planner who took care of Madonna's nuptials. 

Priyanka Chopra is on vacation with Nick Jonas and the two shared an adorable poolside photo of their baby, Malti. The infant is cuddling her mom while Nick is decked out in orange swim trunks and aviator glasses.

Halsey is co-headlining the Krakow Live Music Festival, taking place in Poland from August 19 to August 20. Lewis Capaldi is also serving as co-headliner, as is rapper Future. Tickets are on sale now.

Another teaser for the new season of The Voice, which sees Camila Cabello serving as a first-time coach, is live. It shows her getting along with her fellow coaches Blake SheltonJohn Legend and Gwen Stefani.

Speaking of teasers, the boys of BTS tried tapping into their latent psychic powers in a clip promoting the newest episode of RUN BTS. The septet play the game Telepathy to prove they're so tight-knit they can read each others' minds.

Ava Max is the latest Sketchers ambassador, and the "Maybe You're the Problem" hitmaker teased her new collection on InstagramThe Uno Collection contains ultra colorful sneakers that are now available to purchase.

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Lady Gaga rallies for abortion, LGBTQ rights in Washington, D.C.

ABC/Randy Holmes

Lady Gaga took her Chromatica Ball tour to the nation's capitol on Monday night, and spoke out about the recent attacks on abortion and LGBTQ rights.

The singer took issue with the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 ruling that protected a woman's right to have an abortion. Before diving into a piano rendition of her hit single "The Edge of Glory," she spoke to the crowd about her concern for those who have been impacted by the ruling.

"I would like to dedicate this song to every woman in America," she declared, according to a fan who captured her fiery speech on video. "To every woman who now has to worry about her body if she gets pregnant: I pray that this country will speak up and we will not stop until it's right!"

Gaga also aired her concerns for how this could impact LGBTQ rights in the country. In a separate speech before a defiant rendition of "Born This Way," the Grammy winner expressed, "This might not be THE national anthem, but it's OUR national anthem!"

She also shouted, "They better not try to mess with gay marriage in this country!"

Associate Justice Clarence Thomas sparked fears that gay marriage might be next on the chopping block when he issued his opinion to overturn Roe. In his ruling, he stated the Supreme Court "should reconsider" Obergefell v. Hodges, the landmark 2015 decision that ruled same sex couples have the fundamental right to marry.

Lady Gaga continues with her Chromatica Ball on Thursday with a show at Metlife Stadium. 

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"From one queen to another": Madonna shows off the gorgeous bouquet Beyoncé sent her

Parkwood Entertainment/Columbia Records

Beyoncé is out with a new remix of "Break My Soul," and this one features Madonna and her 1990 track "Vogue."  The track is fittingly titled "Break My Soul (THE QUEENS Remix)."

Bey, who recently dropped a new visualizer for the remix, sent Madonna a gorgeous bouquet of flowers as thanks.

Madonna took to her Instagram Story to share the sweet note Bey wrote her. "Thank You, Queen," the letter begins. "I'm So Thankful For You You Have Opened So Many Doors For So Many Women."

The "Halo" singer continues in her message, "You Are A Masterpiece Genius. Thank You For Allowing Me To Sing In Your Song And Thank You For Naming The Remix!!!!"

Bey signs the note "Love Always And Forever."

Madonna was touched by the kind gesture and wrote in the caption, "Thank you !! From one [queen] to another [queen] I love the Re-Mix !"

As for the bouquet itself, which Madonna showed off in full in another slide, it includes white roses, orchids and tulips.

Beyoncé recently released her new album, Renaissance, which is currently the #1 album in the country. Aside from topping the Billboard 200, the lead track "Break My Soul" is currently #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The "Single Ladies" singer penned a message of gratitude on her official website to celebrate the accolades, writing, "We did it!!! Thank you all so much for your love and support... This was years of experimentation.  This was years of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears.  I'm so grateful and it was worth it."

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