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Music notes: Charli XCX, Lizzo and more

Charli XCX has released "Von dutch," the first single off her upcoming album, BRAT. The forthcoming sixth studio album will arrive sometime this summer. This lead single was released alongside a corresponding music video, in which Charli takes over an airport.

Despite claims she turned down an appearance in Jennifer Lopez's music film This is Me Now...: A Love Story, Lizzo says she was never invited to be part of the project. “Ain’t nobody told me nothing,” Lizzo said in a TikTok she posted on Wednesday. "Nobody asked me ... J. Lo, I love you."

It seems Taylor Swift started cheering for Travis Kelce at Kansas City Chiefs games long before anyone knew. Chiefs defense backs coach Dave Merritt said she was showing up privately at first in an interview on The Sports Shop with Reese and K-Mac podcast. "When she started to come around, it was privately. She was coming into the stadiums without people really knowing until the camera put a big spotlight on it," Merritt said. "She actually affected the team in a positive way. It wasn’t a negative way. Everybody was excited that Travis was happy."

Joe Jonas is continuing to get to know Stormi Bree. The rumored couple both posted their own videos from a boat ride in Sydney Harbour to their Instagram Stories on Thursday. While neither appear in each other's posts, Joe did share a screenshot of his BeReal for the day, which featured a selfie with his brother Kevin Jonas.

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Ed Sheeran arranged a private tour of The Louvre for his parents

ABC/Eric McCandless

What's the use of being a global superstar if you can't hook your parents up with unique experiences?

Ed Sheeran's dad, John Sheeran, is a retired art curator and educator. In an interview to promote a fundraising art lecture he's giving on March 28, he revealed that in 2021 he went to see Ed do a charity gig in Paris, and then Ed arranged something very special for them the next day.

John told the East Anglian Daily Times, "[My wife] Imogen and I went to Paris to see Edward perform at the Global Citizen gig in front of the Eiffel Tower, which was extraordinary enough. He then surprised us on Sunday evening by taking us with his wife Cherry to the Louvre."

"He’d arranged to have the whole place to ourselves for three hours. I think it was his way of saying thank you to us," John continued. "It is the only time I’ve been able to study the Mona Lisa without the crowds. It was an unforgettable experience."

In other Ed Sheeran news, he's introduced his own line of loop pedals, those gadgets that allow him to create his own soundscape when he performs solo. "I’m so excited to bring them out, and put my name to them, I hope everyone enjoys them, whether you are a beginner, or an expert," he writes on Instagram.

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Jason Derulo announces Las Vegas residency at The Venetian

Noah Roberto

If you wondered why Jason Derulo's recently launched Nu King world tour didn't include any U.S. dates, well, now we know: he's just announced a Las Vegas residency.

The show will take place at Voltaire, the new club at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas where Christina Aguilera is currently performing her new residency show. Jason's shows will take place in between Christina's, starting May 17. 

The show will encompass Jason's 15-year career, featuring hits and songs from his latest album, Nu King, which includes the hit "Spicy Margarita."

“I’m excited to be a part of this modern era of entertainment in Las Vegas with my first residency at Voltaire at The Venetian Resort,” Jason says in a statement. "It’s such a stunning venue and it has an alluring, mysterious vibe."

"It will allow me to take bold risks with my performance, and I look forward to bringing my songs to a new audience in its immersive setting," he adds. "You’ve never seen me in a performance like this before.”

A presale starts March 7, and tickets go on sale to the general public on March 8 at 10 a.m. PT via

Here are the scheduled dates for Jason's residency:

May 17, May 18

June 28, June 29

July 12, July 13, July 26, July 27

August 9, August 10

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Katy Perry says financial struggles as a kid make her relatable to children she helps today

Katy Perry and sister Angela Hudson Lerche; Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Variety

People has named Katy Perry and her sister, Angela Lerche, as two of its Women Changing the World, thanks to their work with Katy's charity, the Firework Foundation, and Camp Firework, the arts-focused summer camp they both run for kids in underserved areas. Katy tells People that growing up, she and Angela didn't live a life too far removed from the kids they help today.

"You want to talk about food stamps? I can talk about food stamps. You want to talk about food banks? I can talk about food banks," Katy tells People. "You want to talk about busking in the street as a teenager, hoping to make $20 to cover yourself, I can talk about that too."

Angela says at Camp Firework, which has hosted more than 400 middle schoolers since it began, they're able to make the kids feel less alone by "reminding them that we didn't come from anything either."

She adds, "[Katy] wasn't born into some musical family that had all this access. She worked so hard for so many years to get to be where she is."

"It's so overwhelming because you hear so many stories from these kids, and what it's like back home and what they're dealing with," notes Angela. "I'm just grateful that we're able to show them that there is something better out there."

Katy says she and Angela are both hands-on during the camp, with Katy noting, "I'm up with them in the morning, and they're throwing whipped cream on me in the evening."

"The kids know me as the girl that sang 'Roar' or 'Dark Horse,' but I hope [by the end] they [think], 'I too can live out my dreams like Katy Perry. She's just like me, in a lot of goofy ways.'"


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Nicky Youre will be "blasting our favorite tunes" on first headlining tour

Thirty Knots/Virgin Music

"Sunroof" singer Nicky Youre will launch his first-ever North American headlining tour on April 12 in San Diego. 

The You're In Luck tour, which includes 11 dates, is set to wrap up in Los Angeles on May 25. "I literally can’t wait," Nicky wrote on Instagram.

The California native recently released a new single, "S.A.D.," which he said was the "start of a brand new EP."

He continued, "I can’t wait to sing and jump and dance to a whole bunch of these new songs with you guys in person very soon."

Nicky's most recent live outing was as the opening act for "Beautiful Things" singer Benson Boone.

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Taylor Swift, Beyoncé concert movies responsible for AMC's late-2023 revenue increase

Taylor Swift Productions/Disney+

AMC Entertainment released its quarterly earnings statement on February 28, and the good news was all because of Taylor Swift and Beyoncé.

The theater chain's revenue grew by 11.5% in the fourth quarter, despite the fact that across the industry, box office receipts were down. In announcing the results, AMC Entertainment Chairman and CEO Adam Aron said, "Literally, all of that increase is ... attributable to our having shown [Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour and Renaissance | A Film By Beyoncé] in our theatres in the U.S. and internationally."

Aron went on to note that the two concert movies alone made up one-ninth of the amount the entire U.S. box office took in during the fourth quarter. He added, "This is a stunning result given that neither of these films were on anyone’s drawing board until mid-year."

Noting that the two smash concert films were the first ones ever distributed by AMC in the company's more than 100-year history, Aron concluded, "Our praise for Taylor Swift and Beyoncé Knowles Carter has no limit."

"We offer our boundless thanks to these two world class artists for entrusting AMC to collaborate with them as to the theatrical exhibition of their two masterpiece creations.”

AMC announced in January that Taylor's Eras Tour movie has officially become the highest-grossing film in box office history among concert films and documentary films. It will stream on Disney+ starting March 15.

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Good idea, right? Olivia Rodrigo's tour is giving her streaming numbers a boost

Courtesy Live Nation

Looks like Olivia Rodrigo's GUTS tour may be experiencing what we might call the "Cruel Summer" effect: Fans who are excited about and/or attending the trek are streaming the songs featured in her set list.

Billboard reports that Olivia's entire catalog was up 24% from the weekend prior to the launch of the tour. What's more, "bad idea right?," which opened the show, was up 27% individually, while "get him back!," the final song in the set list, was up 29%.

The tour is also boosting the streaming figures of Olivia's current opening act, Chappell Roan: Her entire catalog saw a 32% increase during the first weekend of the tour.

A portion of the proceeds from the tour will be donated to Olivia's Fund 4 Good, which will support "women, girls and people seeking reproductive health freedom.” Specifically, the funds will go to community-based nonprofits that support girls education and reproductive rights and prevent gender-based violence. There are also information tents set up at each tour stop.

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The Kid LAROI reveals which legendary artist's documentary inspired his new film

Amazon MGM Studios

Kids Are Growing Up, a documentary that focuses on The Kid LAROI's rise to fame over the past few years, debuts on Prime Video on February 29. What makes it different from other documentaries is the wacky animation that links each segment, which LAROI says was inspired by another artist's documentary.

"I watched ... the Kurt Cobain documentary, and I really loved the way that they incorporated their style of animation, and that felt really cool," LAROI says, referring to the 2015 film about the late Nirvana singer, Montage of Heck.

"We didn't want to do a straightforward project, in case you can't tell from watching it," director Michael B. Ratner adds, noting that the animator they hired, Devin Flynn, "knocked it out of the park." 

"We always kept upping it and upping it and upping it and going crazier and crazier," Ratner notes. "There's really heavy moments. ... And then you have these, like, really fun cartoons. So I think it balanced it out really well."

Those "heavy moments" include LAROI's mental health struggles and his memories of loved ones who've died, like his mentor Juice WRLD and one of his childhood friends.

"Some of it's a bit of a tough watch," LAROI says, but overall he's "really happy" with it — even though he thinks parts of it made him look, as he put it, "like a f****** loser here."

At the start of the film, LAROI says that if fans want to know what he's about, they should listen to his music. So what's the purpose of the film?

"Just to hopefully inspire people ... [and] help people with whatever they might be going through," LAROI says. "And just letting them know that, like, it's O.K. to be vulnerable and put yourself out there."


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Music notes: Britney Spears, Reneé Rapp and more

Britney Spears' ex-husband Sam Asghari recently said he doesn't speak about the drama between Britney and her ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake because he was too young to remember when they dated. “I try to not follow entertainment news. Especially news that was past my time," Sam told People in an interview released Tuesday. "I was very young when they were dating, so I don't really follow pop culture like that."

Reneé Rapp has always been open about her longtime love of Justin Bieber, but in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she dives deeper into the extent of her crush. “He was the one boy celebrity, pretty much, [that] I ever had a crush on ... he reminds me of a really sexy lesbian," Reneé said. “I realized, as I was getting older, I was like, ‘Oh, I think I just want to be him,'" she continued, admitting she pitched herself to her label as “the bisexual Justin Bieber.”

Miley Cyrus has announced the release date for her upcoming single, "Doctor (Work It Out)." The new song, which is a collaboration with Pharrell, will be available on March 1. Miley made the announcement via a visual snippet of the song she posted to Instagram. "I could be your doctor/ And I could be your nurse/ I think I see the problem/ It's only gonna get worse," Miley sings in the video. 

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Justin Timberlake officially confirms that *NSYNC appears on his new album


After Justin Timberlake posted a video on TikTok showing off the deluxe edition of his upcoming album, Everything I Thought It Was, and a video on Instagram showing the vinyls being pressed in a factory, fans were able to catch a glimpse of the track listing — and they believed they spotted a song called "Paradise" that features *NSYNC. Justin has now confirmed that his old group is indeed on the record.

Justin made a separate TikTok to reply to a comment by a fan that reads, "Blink twice if *NSYNC is on a song called Paradise." In the video, he lowers his sunglasses and very deliberately blinks twice. In addition, Chris Kirkpatrick commented on the post with the "surprised eyes" emojis.

Of course, two *NSYNC reunions in six months isn't enough for fans. One commented, "Now blink 3 times if NSYNC will pop in with you on tour…"

Everything I Thought It Was arrives March 15. In the deluxe edition TikTok, Justin said the album is orange because it's his favorite color. Dozens of fans filled the comments section complaining that back in his *NSYNC days he said his favorite color was baby blue.

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Adam Sandler explains why he gets nervous around Taylor Swift

Adam Sandler and his Swiftie daughters; Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic

Adam Sandler has been a celebrity for decades, but he says even he's intimidated by Taylor Swift's fame.

Appearing on the latest episode of the podcast Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend, Sandler and O'Brien discuss which celebrities have the power to render them starstruck. "Taylor Swift, because [of] what she means to my kids, I get it a little f****** jumpy," Sandler says.

"Because I don't want to blow it for my kids ... I talk a little too loud. I don't act as cool as I can."

"People talk about the Beatles of it all and just ... so many smash hits," Sandler continued, talking about the insane level of fame Taylor currently has. "There's not a word my kids don't know ... I know ‘em too, by the way. But they know them inside and out."

"Remember [how with] The Beatles, every f****** song on the record you knew? That's Taylor Swift, too. There's not a song you skip," said the Happy Gilmore actor. "You go, 'That's one's pretty damn cool.'"

Adam and his family — wife Jackie and daughters Sunny and Sadie — attended the Eras Tour last year, and they were also on the red carpet for the premiere of the concert movie, where E! reported that they all got hugs from Taylor. Also last year, Sunny appeared onstage with her dad during his tour and sang "Lover."

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Reneé Rapp says the day she got flowers from Beyoncé was "the greatest morning of my life"

Disney/Chris Willard

Everyone should be aware that Beyoncé is — apparently — watching. Just ask Reneé Rapp.

The singer and actress tells The Hollywood Reporter that four days after she sang Bey's song "Daddy Lessons" at her February 13 show in Paris, Beyoncé sent flowers to her hotel in Amsterdam — something she documented on Instagram at the time. 

"I’ve had the greatest morning of my life. I’m gassed," Reneé told the publication.

“I’ve never been speechless in my life. It’s literally going to make me cry,” she continued. "She is everything — and the reason that I know how to sing. I would sit down and listen to her different tonalities and phonics and phrasing styles and be like, ‘Please, Jesus, let me be able to do this.’ ”

In addition, growing up, Reneé said, “I had body dysmorphia and feeling like I had too much of an a**. If I felt badly about my body, my mother would make me sing ‘Bootylicious,’ and it was everything to me.”

As for how she plans to preserve her gift, Reneé said that she's "going to dry the flowers and I’m going to frame them.”

Reneé also told The Hollywood Reporter that prior to getting her record deal, she auditioned for American Idol, The Voice and America's Got Talent, to no avail. "It didn’t go anywhere. They wouldn’t put me past the first little round," she explained. "You know how people go into the room for American Idol? I wasn’t in the f***** room."

But she's got the last laugh: She has a hit single, "Not My Fault," climbing the charts, her debut album, Snow Angel, has racked up 252 million streams, and she's done a sold-out U.S. tour. She was also the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, and she'll play Coachella in April.

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Jack Harlow launches his own Kentucky festival, which he'll headline with SZA

Courtesy GAZEBO Festival

Jack Harlow has frequently made sure to perform live in his home state of Kentucky, but now, he's taking that dedication to the next level.

The "Lovin On Me" rapper has announced a music festival, GAZEBO, which will take over his hometown of Louisville's Waterfront Park on May 25 and 26. He'll headline along with SZA. Some of the other 26 acts on the bill include PinkPantheress, Vince Staples and Omar Apollo, plus a DJ set from James Blake.

The festival will also feature local food and culture. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Jack Harlow Foundation to benefit various community organizations in Louisville.

Tickets for the festival will go on sale Friday, March 8, at 10 a.m. ET. Special fan presales will take place starting March 6 at 10 a.m. ET. VIP tickets will also be available. You can visit for all the details on the presale and general ticket options.

Craig Greenberg, the mayor of Louisville, says in a statement, "Jack Harlow is an extraordinary Louisvillian who continues to give back to his hometown. This is yet another way Jack is showing up for our city and I can’t wait to see the excitement this festival creates. I am so grateful for his commitment to making first class things happen for Louisville and our people.”

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Billie Eilish to perform "What Was I Made For?" at the Academy Awards

George Evan

Billie Eilish and her brother, FINNEAS, have been confirmed to perform their nominated Barbie song "What Was I Made For?" at the 96th annual Academy Awards next month.

The siblings previously won the Best Original Song Oscar for their James Bond theme "No Time to Die," making Billie the first person born in the 21st century to win an Academy Award.

Meanwhile, Ryan Gosling and Mark Ronson will perform the other nominated song from Barbie, "I'm Just Ken," at the ceremony, but guitarists Slash and Wolfgang Van Halen, both of whom played on the song, have not been announced as performers — at least, not yet.

The rest of the Best Original Song nominees will also be performed at the ceremony: Becky G will sing the Diane Warren-penned song "The Fire Inside" from the movie Flamin' Hot; Jon Batiste will sing his song "It Never Went Away" from the movie American Symphony; and Scott George and the Osage Singers will perform George's composition "Wahzhazhe (A Song for My People)" from Killers of the Flower Moon.

The Oscars, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, will air March 10 at 7 p.m. ET on ABC.

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Jack Antonoff says doubting Taylor Swift's songwriting skills is like "challenging someone's faith in God"

Kevin Mazur/TAS23/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

Jack Antonoff isn't just a singer, songwriter and Grammy-winning producer of acclaimed albums by Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, Lorde and more. He's also willing to publicly defend the artists he works with — like when he dissed Blur's Damon Albarn for suggesting that Taylor didn't write her own songs and called his criticism "Trumpian."

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, Jack says, "I’m a little b**** sometimes. But you come after my friend Taylor, you’re toast to me.” He then says doubting Taylor's songwriting skills "is like challenging someone’s faith in God. You just don’t go there.”

Jack also discusses Kanye West, who he says "just needs his diaper changed so badly.”

“I’m so incredibly bored when someone doesn’t have the sauce anymore, so they go elsewhere to shock," he adds. "It’s just a remarkable waste of space.”

In other Taylor news, she took to Instagram to thank her fans in Sydney, Australia, after wrapping up four shows in that city. "What a whirlwind of endless magical moments with you," she wrote. "I’m so grateful that we got to be the first tour to play Accor Stadium 4 times."

She added that some of her favorite moments during those shows were "the chaotic acoustic mashups" and "the crowds that were louder (singing AND screaming) than I thought humanly possible."

"I want to thank all of the Aussie fans for being so positive and passionate, so funny and wild and FUN. Love you forever," she continued, acknowledging those who attended her shows in Melbourne as well.

Taylor's next shows are in Singapore, starting March 2.

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